Coffee / End Tables
End Tables and Coffee Tables

End tables (19” to 25” tall) and coffee tables (15” to 19” tall) vary in shape. We start with a hand selected base with unique and interesting features and attach a 2” thick juniper or glass top shaped to accent the base.

Juniper “Blade” Coffee Tables

Juniper “blade” coffee tables are made from a limited unique growth which causes the juniper tree to form a wide but thin shape known as a blade. We use this section as the table top, or in some cases, this growth can be both the top and base in one. The polishing of this top really enhances the deep beauty within.

Stump Tables

Stump tables, made from juniper or burled tamarisk, are 24” tall and 10” to 24” in diameter. Each stump table has its own special character on the sides and displays the rich cross grain cut on the top. This cross grain is like a fingerprint, no two are alike. It is the window of a tree’s life.
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